Operation Merkur: Quartermaster’s Edition

Welcome to Crete! Not quite what the New Zealand, Australian, Greek and British troops said to the German Fallschirmjaeger as they descended to Crete in May of 1941.
Operation Merkur is the new TSWW mini-game which deals with the Axis invasion of Crete, using a cut down set of rules, half month and 5 day turns. as well as including for the first time a competitive play rule using optional units to tailor force structures.
The Quartermaster’s Edition of the game ships with:
1 x nice pretty cover (see above)

1 x CD ROM or DVD ROM with PDF Files enabling self print of:
1 x 18″ x 26″ (approx.) game map, updated and amended to use all new information we have gathered.
1 x 280 playing piece counter sheet with all the combat units you really need to invade or defend Crete. The sheet also includes a couple of counters missing or incorrectly printed in our amazing Mare Nostrum title, so if you REALLY must have a P108B in the counter mix, this is the way to get it!
2 x D10 Dice (one nice and blue, one nice and red)
1 x Rules Booklet (cut down from the state of the art Singapore! Rules)
1 x Order of Battle Booklet
1 x Game Charts
1 x UIC with updates to reflect new units in this game
The main 2 week counters are bang up to date and are useable in Balkan Fury or Mare Nostrum if you prefer these new ones!

Grab a copy today!!!
NOTE: Operation Merkur is at the printers, and will ship as soon as we get stock. We will advise on progress updates over the next few weeks as the printers complete their work….

EU Clients must pay 20% VAT on the headline price of £20.00 – thus paying £24.00.

Shipping is inclusive, via Royal Mail Air Mail world wide.


Price: £20.00

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