BARBAROSSA is the TSWW game that handles the largest land battle of the Second World War from June 22nd, 1941 into the middle of 1943. Named for Red Beard, the game simulates the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, providing the player with the tools to either complete the task set by Adolf Hitler, the annihilation of the Communist State, or to fail thus effectively ending the Axis as a threat to global security. This title is available on Pre-Order at a significant discount at

Barbarossa is the all encompassing operational game covering the campaigns in Poland, Finland and the Soviet Union from June of 1941 to June of 1943. A massive undertaking (which is appropriate given the topic at hand) the game will include a variety of modules as well as the normal TSWW refinements.

Inside the box will be the following not insubstantial components, representing the geography, forces and industries involved in the war in the east:

16 TSWW Standard maps (18″ x 26″ approx.) plus one smaller map covering the theatre, with the USSR to East of the Ural mountains, Northern Iran, elements of Poland (from just west of Warsaw), Eastern Norway including the critical north cape region, as well as parts of Romania and Turkey, the maps are designed to split into smaller zones like all major TSWW releases. Data is from historical sources and modern satellite imagery to ensure the most accurate representation possible.

Finish will be to the same exceptional standards as Operation Merkur, with plasticised finish and high quality Lithographic Print process using state of the art presses.

With an absolute minimum of 16 countersheets (4460 counter) the game will include the forces deployed to the Great Patriotic War front by the Germans, Italians, Romanians, Finns, Slovaks, Croatians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Soviets, and British forces. In addition the game will provide for what if units and a variety of factory and resource counters critical to the economies of the Axis and the Soviets.

Currently in preparation, the Orders of Battle will provide the most up to date historical OB yet published for an East Front or GPW game. The current plan includes the following exciting modules:
1. Grand Campaign
2. Operation Barbarossa (the Axis invasion, 1941-2)
3. The Battle of Smolensk (Army Group Centre, summer 1941)
4. The Battle of Kiev (Army Group South, 1941)
5. The Battle of Leningrad (the Axis summer and autumn offensive to take the city)
6. Fall Blau (the Axis summer offensive, 1942)
7. Stalingrad (the efforts of the Axis to grab Stalin’s city on the Volga)
8. The Battle for Sevastopol (11th Armies desperate struggle to take the Crimea and its critical naval base)
9. Operation Mars (the Soviet winter offensive against the Rhzev Salient, 1942)
10. Operation Uranus/Saturn (The Soviet winter offensive, 1942-3 in the South)
11. The Back Hand Blow (von Manstiein’s spectacular counter offensive in spring 1943)
12. The Seige (the Seige of Leningrad)

We are also considering a variety of other modules, PQ17 being one of which, showing the critical nature of Western Allied naval support to the Soviet war machine. In addition, we will be providing at least two linking modules tying Barbarossa to Mare Nostrum, with a what if Axis assault through Turkey as well as the Anglo Soviet invasion of Iran being dealt with in more detail than was previously possible.

The game will ship with the main system rules, and for the first time since Blitzkrieg, it is likely that we will provide all national and political rules as well. Watch out for the expanded and revised production system which will be included in this game. Additional economic charts will be provided, making for a mammoth undertaking… just like the real thing.

Grab the game on pre-order NOW. We will be increasing prices directly on this title as the cost of print has definitely risen since it was announced by a very significant percentage. We hope to place Barbarossa in press late 2015…. don’t delay, get your copy NOW.

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