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VENGEANCE is the TSWW game that draws the war in Europe to a close on the Soviet/German front. Commencing with the climactic battles around the Kursk Salient, the game moves through 1943, 44, and 1945 to the final defeat of the Axis powers in Europe. The game is available for Pre-Order on this website via Grab your discounted copy NOW.

Vengeance is the all encompassing operational game covering the 1943-45 period in Eastern Europe. This title will therefore make up a superb set of games handling the war in the East… assuming you purchase Barbarossa, but, unlike another game previously released elsewhere, Vengeance will be a standalone product.

Clearly another massive undertaking, Vengeance will include the following components:

12 TSWW Standard (18″ x 26″ approx.) Maps, commencing east of Kharkov and driving into the heart of the Third Reich; covering central Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland, Norway and part of Sweden, the map area is roughly the same size as Blitzkrieg v1.2.

Produced using state of the art technology they will be plasticised in the same manner as the excellent Operation Merkur map, and draw on the same information sources used for the rest of the TSWW Game series. Like all larger TSWW games the maps split up into smaller segments permitting the space starved gamer the opportunity to experience the thrill of the largest land conflict in history….

With an absolute minimum of 4460 counters (16 countersheets), Vengeance provides the players with the German military machine in the East, the Soviet military, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Finnish, as well as Western Allied forces as deployed in the (or in and out off) the critical Great Patriotic War theatre from July of 1943 to the final surrender of Germany in mid 1945.

As ever these counters are researched to the highest standard using consistent ratings, art work and state of the art manufacturing processes to give you an amazing quality product.

Within the game we will be providing a variety of challenging and exciting orders of battle, covering 1943-45 in the East:
1. Grand Campaign
2. Operation Zitadelle
3. Leningrad – the relief
4. The Destruction of Army Group South
5. Operation Bagration
6. The Panther Line
7. The Iasi Operation
8. Take Budapest
9. Hungary 1944-5
10. The Slovak Uprising
11. Operation Spring Awakening
12. The Battle for Berlin

We are also considering developing other related modules, such as the Battle of North Cape, The Vistula-Oder operation and so forth. We will update via our Blog and will modify this listing as we move through these items. Clearly the game will link directly to Barbarossa, and will also have a direct link to Liberation, our forthcoming title dealing with the Western Allied offensive into Europe.

With state of the art TSWW Rules and Charts this game will also introduce the German Replacement Army to the game system. We look forward to additional information coming to you soon….

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