I SHALL RETURN is the twelfth game planned in the TSWW Game series. Covering the campaigns in the Philippines from 1941 to 1945, the game will include a variety of exciting campaign, module and what if Variants. Clearly as this title is some way down the road, it would be difficult to fully predict its contents, however….. paraphrasing, I Shall Try!

I Shall Return is the all encompassing operational game covering the campaigns in the Philippines during World War 2. With a variety of maps, national forces and carefully researched what if concepts, the game will allow players to decide if General MacArthur was correct in his operations against the Japanese, or if he made critical mistakes that directly led to the loss of an entire Allied theatre of operations.

I Shall Return will include the following components:

At least 8 TSWW Standard Maps (18″ x 16″), with coverage of the Philippines Archipelago, its surroundings, as well as part or all of Formosa.

Finish will match the rest of the game series, and the maps will mate directly with both Singapore! and Operation Watchtower.

A minimum of 9 countersheets, but more likely 12, with betweek 2520 and 3360 counters covering the Japanese, Philippine, US, and British forces deployed to the area during the 1941-45 period.

The game orders of battle will cover in the usual detail the forces deployed within the game area, commencing with the unprepared US and Philippino defenders overwhelmed in 1941-2, to the massive might of the US Pacfic Fleet and MacArthur’s SW PAC ground forces. The Japanese will have the might of the Combined Fleet, as well as the not insignificant ground and air assets thrown into the battles surrounding these critical islands.

We have considered in passing the modules for this game, and they will include, but are not limited to:
1. Grand Campaign
2. The Japanese Invasion of the Philippines
3. Operation Sho Go.
4. The Battle of the Philippine Sea
5. I Have Returned
6. Plan Orange. The US Relief of the Philippines….
7. What if Operations.

As per the norm, the game will include the latest TSWW rules set, abridged political and production rules, plus all the charts you will need to play the game.

Watch this space for more information on the game.

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