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OPERATION MERKUR is the fifth game in the TSWW Game Series, and is our ideal introductory title for those wanting a “low impact” way into the game series. You can grab your copy right now from www.tsww-online.com/products as well as from our retail partners.

Operation Merkur is a super detailed handling of the Invasion of Crete in 1941, and includes more up to date information than the limited module provided in Balkan Fury. Included in the game are competition play rules, what if units as well as the normal TSWW refinements.

The game includes the following:

Updated TSWW Standard Sized map (18″ x 26″ Approx) covering Crete and the Aegean. The map is published with a plasticised coating for resilience, making it very tough indeed. We will be putting a video of us destroying the map on the site as soon as we can manage that…. This is the new TSWW standard for map print quality and finish – and is worth seeing to understand just how good the product actually is!

280 superlatively die cut counters including the Axis and Allied forces involved in the Battle for Crete. These represent both half month and 5 day versions. We also included a small number of errata or “what if” counters for Mare Nostrum. See our yahoogroup (etsww@yahoogroups.com) or email via our contacts page for more information, but the counters involved include HMS Terror, 22nd Guards Brigade, and the P108B Italian Bomber counter, plus a couple of other things.

The game has the 5 Day super detail and the half month variants of the Orders of Battle, as well as providing a substantial number of what if units for both sides. In addition the game includes within the Orders of Battle a competition variant for Merkur and for Madagascar, so if you want to see how good a TSWW player you really are, challenge your friends to play this variant with you!

These have been heavily cut back to simplify the game, thus giving newcomers to the TSWW Game System a compact and easy to learn set of rules, getting you started rapidly.

Again as part of the system, those who prefer the “full monty” can easily use Mare Nostrum rules with this title…

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