OPERATION BATTLEAXE is our new ZIPLOCK game for those of you who want, need and can never have enough TSWW. As well as being an add on for Mare Nostrum (it brings in What If German forces to invade Turkey with in 1942, and adds the Anglo Soviet Invasion of Iran) the game also includes Operation Battleaxe (with its own small map, and optimised rules).

Battleaxe is our TSWW super detail game representing the Allied counter offensive launched in Mid June 1941 against the resurgent Axis forces in Libya.

With both half month and 5 Day variants, the game is a great introduction to the TSWW system.

Battleaxe includes the following components:

A game specific map somewhat smaller than A3 covering Derna to Mersa Matruh will be in the game. This with one exception (the addition of the location of one of the British “Boxes” is effectively identical to an extract from elements of 2 maps in Mare Nostrum. Its game specific – and frankly essential to use with the Order of Battle.

The counters represent a 280 counter sheets using the normal TSWW template dealing with Operation Battleaxe AND a second countersheet with the Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Iran and various what if units on it enabling you to explore the possible German invasion of Turkey in WW2.

The sheet includes half month and 5 Day variant counters for Battleaxe – and as these are optimised very carefully for the Battleaxe period, they are generally different to the Mare Nostrum counters in terms of value. We have also provided 3rd Panzer Division as a Mare Nostrum “optional unit” along with rules for its employment in North Africa.

Specially developed for this game the order of battle includes both half month and 5 day turn variants of the operation, with accurate unit research driving the modules. In addition we have the real deal for the Anglo Soviet invasion of Iran (you NEED Mare Nostrum for this) as well as very carefully researched additional German forces to deal with the back door to the Caucasus… Turkey.

The rules in this game are derived from the reduced set published in Operation Merkur, Operation Battleaxe deletes most naval rules as the various navies had limited impact on this operation. Clearly this reduces complexity even further.

The game is now closed for pre-order and is available to ship in 10 days from today.

Operation Battleaxe ON SALE NOW. Grab your copy NOW!

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