KAMIKAZE is the tentative title for the fourteenth game in the TSWW game series. Commencing with the American counter attack in the Central Pacific, and ending with the Divine Wind being blown away by the 509th Composite Group….

Kamikaze is the all encompassing operational level game covering the Central Pacific campaign of WW2 from 1943 onwards. The game will provide players the opportunity to test the Japanese concept of bastions designed to prevent the USA from closing with the Home Islands, utilising the Combined Fleet to reinforce land based air power and ground forces in the desperate fight against overwhelming US might.

Whilst far distant in the development schedule, it is clear to the team that the game will include as a minimum:

12-18 maps covering the Home Islands, the Marianas, and the Aleutian Islands. It may be that we will provide non-contiguous mapping for the key island chains, plus a sea zone map of the Central and North Pacific. Another possibility is micro maps of each chain and “blue sea” maps at the normal TSWW scale.

With a minimum of 12 countersheets, the game will include the Japanese, Soviet, US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and British forces deployed in this theatre during the 1943-45 period.

As ever the game will include various what if counters… and a couple of mushrooms.

These will provide the Japanese Home forces including the elements of the base and depot system, production counters, and a variety of modules for the game:
1. The Grand Campaign
2. Tarawa
3. The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
4. Iwo Jima
5. Okinawa
6. Kamikaze!
7. Operation Coronet
8. Operation Downfall

Clearly we will endeavour to expand this list as we develop this game – but that will take time to come to fruition.

Kamikaze will include the usual TSWW game rules and charts, albeit in an abridged variant designed for use in this exciting title.

Watch this space for more information as we move towards this game!

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