Day of Infamy (DOI for short) is the brand new PTO theatre TSWW game dealing with the initial battles of the Central Pacific campaigns of WW2. It is a boxed game and will ship in QM, Lt, and Col’s editions on release.

With at least 9 maps (possibly 12) the game will also include at least 1120 superlative die cut counters dealing with the Canadian, Japanese, and US forces fighting to dominate the critical central pacific region.

The super detailed and heavily researched OBs will include:
1. Climb Mount Niitaki – The attack on Pearl Harbour.
2. Wake Island – the immense fight by a few good men against overwhelming force in December 1941.
3. Operation MI – the Battle of Midway, turning point of the Pacific War.
4. Operation AL – the invasion of the Aleutian Islands in 1942.
5. Shangri La – the Doolittle Raid on Japan (Learning Scenario)
6. The Allied counter offensive in the Aleutian Islands in 1943
7. The Grand Campaign…. want ships, what carrier battles… you got it!

Anything else we can cram in – email us via the contact us if you have some good ideas. If we can, we will!

Available right now via email to us for existing direct sales clients on pre-sale, the game will go to pre-ship as soon as we can get it to Art completion (I am still awaiting final OB research). It looks great so far – and most of the Axis work is done, as is the US Army (and Air Corps). The USN is the standout issue – and that should be with me shortly….

Express your interest direct to us and we will be delighted to prove that a Day of Infamy is not infamous… its coming SOON!

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