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Swiss CS

280 superbly die cut counters, this countersheet provides you with the Swiss Army for the entirety of WW2. As well as the countersheet you get a CD ROM with the relevant PDF OB files so you can use these superb counters with the rest of your TSWW Games.

The Slovaks are covered for the period of Blitzkrieg.

In addition the countersheet includes play aid counters helping you get the most from the TSWW game series.

Only £12.00 plus VAT globally, order your Swiss right now!

The Swiss and Slovak armies... now you can invade Poland with the Swiss... If you really want to!

Swiss and Slovak Armies of WW2: Swiss Army in the Second World War. Slovak Army from 1939-1941. World war two, WW2, Slovakia, Switzerland, Blitzkrieg, Neutral Nations of World War 2.

Price: £12.00

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