The Rising Sun In Arms, Japanese Orders of Battle

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As many of you may know we are publishing Mr Joan Pinyol’s seminal multi-volume set of Order of Battle works on the Imperial Japanese Military.  We have now sent the first volume cover to proof, and are awaiting Joan’s authorisation to send the bulk of the book (which is now proofed) off to the printers.

We have also gotten the cover art for Volume 2 (Army Groups, Armies, Corps) ready for proofing, and hope to have the bulk of the book signed off in the next 2 weeks.

As a result we will be announcing the books for sale shortly to build up our print order.  These books are strictly limited in print run, subject to demand.  



Target price will be £40 shipped per volume.  



Please register your interest via the contact us on this website.  We would be delighted to place the books in retail and distribution.


John Bannerman


DE Ltd.


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