vengeance 4

"Artillery is the God of War" claimed Josef Stalin... Prove him right with the next title in the acclaimed TSWW game series... Vengeance is nigh!

Vengeance is the final instalment of the Great Patriotic War front of the TSWW game series. In the box you will find at least 5000 counters and up to 16 maps covering the scope and sweep of the Soviet front of World War II. Additionally the game will include multiple campaigns and several smaller scenarios covering the war in the Steppes of Ukraine and the forests of Byelorussia from July 1943 to the surrender of the German Reich in 1945.

NOTE: This pre-order offer is strictly limited to the first 250 copies of the game sold. With a target retail price of £400 plus VAT we believe the pre-order price of £300 plus VAT including shipping is exceptional value for money.

Get in quick for Vengeance will come only to those who desire it the most!


Price: £300.00

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