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The Pacific Theatre of Operations Autumn Special

Covering the entirety of the PTO from 1941 to October 1943, with only the Central Pacific drive from 1943-5 not included, the PTO Autumn Special is the best way to grab a copy of each of the TSWW Game Series Pacific Titles so far announced.

Singapore General's Edition (SRP £364 plus VAT if in EU) includes the SEAC theatre from 1941 to 1945.... and is one of the best received games in what is over all a very highly regarded operational war fare game series.  With 2800 counter, 23 15 mile hexes plus a substantial Strategic display, the game handles the Japanese offensive towards India, and the predominantly British counter offensives late war in considerable detail.

Day of Infamy Colonel's Edition (SRP £245 plus VAT if in EU) includes the critical Central and North Pacific theatres from 1941 to October of 1943.  With all the major central pacific naval operations as well as major what if additions, this TSWW title comes with 7 15 mile to the hex maps, and 4 strategic maps covering the North and Central Pacific in the detail customary to the TSWW series.  The 2240 counters show the forces engaged in this critical series of battles as the Japanese try to gain a permanent advantage against the initially over matched US Pacific Fleet...

Operation Watchtower Colonel's Edition (Currently in Pre-Order, will be £350 plus VAT if in EU) deals with the brutal attritional battles in the New Guinea, Solomons and New Britain areas of the South Pacific.  On 21 15 mile maps, along with a minimum of 3 75 mile strategic displays, with 3360 counters, Watchtower is the TSWW game of the South Pacific.  Can you stop the Japanese drive on Australia and New Zealand, or can you drive back the triumphant Japanese in a series of desperate Island Battles??

I Shall Return Colonel's Edition (Currently in Pre-Order, will be £280 plus VAT if in EU) deals with the violent Japanese assault on the Philippines, the desperate guerilla war waged by by passed US forces and Filipino irregulars, culminating in the massive US led assault on the Islands in 1944... with 10 15 mile to the hex maps, several 75 mile strategic maps and 3360 counters, I Shall Return is the TSWW Game of the Philippines.

So - massive bundle, big price, right?  Well wrong... if you do not mind waiting for Watchtower and I Shall Return, grab this deal - we will ship your Day of Infamy and Singapore right now, and you join our very happy pre-order clients to book your guaranteed copies of Watchtower and I Shall Return.

ONLY £929 (Plus VAT at 20% if in the EU) inclusive of shipping... 


Price: £929.00

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