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Battleaxe (and no, its not the mother in law, honest) was the first really serious British attempt to relieve the beleaguered fortress of Tobruk once Rommel's Afrika Korps had invested it. Operation Battleaxe is both an expansion to Mare Nostrum and a standalone game in the TSWW game series, handling not just the battle itself but a few other things.... read on!

Inside the lovely Ziplock bag you will find:
1. A small map of the Tobruk area so you can play the Operation Battleaxe Module.

2. 560 superlative die cut counters, covering not just the Battleaxe forces, but the Soviet forces that invaded Iran in 1941, and the German forces Hitler wanted to invade Turkey with in 1942!

3. Rules based on the updated set in Singapore!

4. Cut back charts based on the updated set in Singapore!

5. OBs covering Operation Battleaxe at half month and 5 day scale, the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran (for Mare Nostrum), and the projected German Invasion of Turkey (again you need Mare Nostrum for this).

6. 2 x D10 Dice

The OB work for this game will also provide more tailored handling of the DAK and 8th Army during 1941 for all you Desert aficionados, and fills in two modules we did not have space for in Mare Nostrum whilst adding yet another one to that immense game.

Available now at £90 inclusive of VAT and shipping (£75.00 if you are outside the EU), grab it now!

The only game of the invasion of Iran, Operation Battleaxe provides another first for the TSWW series, expanding the already huge Mare Nostrum and providing you with the title battle at 2 scales in one Ziplock.


Price: £75.00

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