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Coming 2019-20, Liberation is the TSWW Game covering the Western Allied liberation of Nazi occupied Europe.

Commencing in July of 1943, play to force Italy out of the war, and then stab into the "soft underbelly of Europe" or launch a hail mary assault in 1943 on the French Coast.  Smash the Nazis in France and drive deep into Germany with a successful post Overlord breakout... Can you hang on long enough in the West to defeat the Western Allies and possibly free up enough firepower to save the Reich?  Doubtful - but its the only hope for a Germany on the verge of collapse in 1944....


With 14 maps, and a minimum of 5600 counters, Liberation finalised the first generation of TSWW Games in the West.  Development is at an advanced stage, with only USAAF and USN OBs to be researched.  Scheduled for release after Venegeance, it is entirely possible that Liberation will come out before the final stage of the Eastern Front to permit fuller research into the big red machine!

Estimated retail will be £425 plus VAT.  GRAB A GUARANTEED COPY NOW ON PREORDER:

ONLY £300 (plus VAT in the EU) inc shipping.


NOTE: EU clients pay £360 on presale.




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