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I Shall Return

I Shall Return, researched by Dennis Dubberley who is a global expert on the campaign, is the TSWW game dealing with the Philippines Campaigns during The Second World War.  Commencing with the Japanese attacks on the US forces in the Philippines in December of 1941, I Shall Return ends with the Japanese Surrender in August of 1945.

With a bear minimum of 10 maps, 12 countersheets and a very pretty box, I Shall Return fills in the gap between Day of Infamy and Singapore in the game mapping, and concludes the early war period in the Pacific Theatre (excepting China of course).

As ever, within the box will be a slew of learning scenarios, game modules and the Grand Campaign, with everything from the fall of Corregidor to the mammoth naval battles surrounding the Leyte Gulf Landings, I Shall Return provides a one box solution to the the Philippines campaign.

Once released I Shall Return will retail at £325 plus VAT inclusive of global shipping.

As ever, we are pleased to offer a superlative pre-order price for our loyal client base - so grab your copy today for only £235 Plus VAT in the EU!


Price: £235.00

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