THE CHINA INCIDENT is the tentative title of the fifteenth game in the TSWW game series. Commencing in 1937, the game will deal with the extended, brutal and bloody conflict in China….

The China Incident is the all encompassing operational level game covering the protracted China Incident (the War of Resistance) from 1937 to 1945. We also intend providing the “War of Liberation” in this title, covering the Communist take over of the Chinese mainland between 1946 and 1949.

Additionally the title will include the entire Soviet Far Eastern Command, permitting players not just to handle the China Incident, but to explore the tortuous relationship between the Bear and the Crane.

The China Incident will include as a minimum the following components:

16 or more maps covering China, The USSR and those areas of Vietnam not in the Singapore! map area. It will NOT include all of Tibet.

Mapping will be designed to split as ever into smaller module sized zones. In addition the provision of a mini=map will permit the flooding of the Yangtze Valley to be shown on map with minimal fuss.

The game will include the Chinese (both communist and nationalist), Japanese, Neutral (in effect the British, Italian and US treaty forces), Manchurian, Manchuko, US and Soviet forces involved in this vast conflict.

With little research complete, it is impossible to accurately define the operations in this game, but some idea of the potential is included below:
1. The War Of Resistance
2. The Battle for Northern China
3. Shanghai
4. The Rape of Nanking
5. Operation Ichi Go
6. Nomonhan/Khalkin Gol
7. The Manchurian Strategic Offensive
8. Border… what border… Clashes between Japan and the USSR, 1938

Clearly with such a massive war, there may well be more opportunities for game modules. We would very much appreciate any help in identifying such!

The game will ship with finalised TSWW System Rules and Charts.

Watch this space for more information as we develop this exciting title!

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