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LIBERATION is the TSWW Game Series title that concludes the main element of WW2 is Europe. With large map areas, many counters, and the largest US military force deployed overseas in the long history of that nation, Liberation promises to be a monster of a game…

Liberation is the all encompassing operational level game portraying the Liberation of Western Europe. Taking up where Mare Nostrum and Blitzkrieg V2.0 end, the game covers the Western Allied invasions of Southern Europe and North West Europe in the inimitable style of the TSWW Game series. Starting in July of 1943 with Operation Husky, the game will continue until the German Surrender in 1945.

Whilst in slow speed development, we have a strong idea of the contents of the game. Liberation will include (as a minimum):

12 TSWW Standard Maps, stretching from Western France to just beyond Berlin, and from Africa to the North Cape. The game may not include the Balkans other than as partial elements fringing the eastern edge of the map area.

The maps will be to the latest standards, and will mate with Vengeance in the East, and Mare Nostrum in the South to cover the main areas of combat in Europe during the 1943-45 period.

As ever the maps are designed to split into smaller areas to allow those of us that do not own a football stadium the opportunity to have a great time invading Europe!

With a minimum of 16 countersheets, with at least 4460 counters, the game will include the German, Italian, RSI (Fascist) Italian, British, US, Free Polish, Greek, Dutch, Belgian, French, Czech, and Norwegian forces involved in the Liberation of Europe from Nazi domination. In addition to these not insignificant forces, Allied garrisons in the Mare Nostrum area will also be included, as well as significant what if assets for both sides. It is possible that we will provide the Partisan war in Yugoslavia and Greece as a bonus within this title, but ownership of Balkan Fury would be essential for play of that element. I would prefer to place these in VENGEANCE.

As noted above, the game will include a variety of national, Free Allied, and what if forces, enabling the players to fight the following major modules:
1. Liberation.
2. Operation Husky
3. Operation Avalanche
4. Operation Overlord
5. The Soft Underbelly
6. Operation Cobra
7. The Gothic Line
8. The Po River
9. Operation Market Garden
10. Fall Wacht am Rhien
11. Berlin or Bust!
12. The Strategic Air War

In addition, I would really like to provide a couple of linking modules to tie Vengeance to this game – possibly the Berlin or Bust! module would tie in with the Vistula-Oder operation or Battle of Berlin operation. Clearly this will take some time to work out fully – but I trust that you get the idea that the game will be full of exciting opportunities for modules that do not take up your entire house!

Liberation will include for the first time since Barbarossa the entire game system within one box. Expect copious rules, charts and so forth to enable the games in Europe and the Pacific to be linked together as far as is possible.

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