Hakkaa Päälle is the planned eleventh game in the TSWW series. It will deal with the infamous Winter War of 1939. Hakkaa Päälle will be offered in boxed editions, with a target price not too different to Balkan Fury… Don’t freeze, play Hakkaa Päälle and play it VERY soon – watch our blog for updates on this amazing title…

Hakkaa Päälle is the all encompassing operational game covering the Fino-Soviet Winter War during late 1939 and 1940. The game will use similar mapping to the Barbarossa Finnish maps, although period specific modifications may well be undertaken.

Hakkaa Päälle will include the following components:

2 TSWW Standard Maps (18″ x 26″ approx) covering the key zone for this conflict – Finland. In addition the game will include parts of Norway, the USSR, The Baltic States and Sweden providing the option of foreign intervention in this bloody war.

6 counter sheets covering the Finnish, Soviet and foreign intervention and western allied forces that might have intervened. In addition, and as a bonus, the game will include the Swedish Order of Battle for the entire WW2 period, along with “spot” groupings of Armee Norway… just so those of you that have Blitzkrieg can invade Sweden.

Finally the counter mix will include a variety of what if counters to show the potential for Finnish and Swedish preparedness being better than was the case historically.

Clearly there will be a number of elements, and the planned content as a minimum will be:
1. The Winter War
2. The Soviet Leningrad-Vyborg Operation, 1939
3. The Soviet Karelian Offensive, 1939
4. White Death… The Soviet Offensive in the North
5. Hakkaa Päälle… The Soviet Spring Leningrad-Vyborg Operation, 1940
6. Finland Prepared
7. Allied Intervention
8. Ikea to the Rescue… Sweden intervenes.
9. Sweden 41 – the invasion of Sweden by Germany
10. Sweden 42 – the invasion of Sweden by Germany
11. Sweden 43 – the invasion of Sweden by Germany

Currently the game is in final counter check and will go to press just as soon as possible. Its coming SOON.

As ever the game will be provided with the usual refined TSWW game rules – abridged specifically for this game. Players who prefer the full Mannerhiem will be delighted to find out that the game will play superbly with any of the rules presented in our major titles!

Charts as ever will be full colour, double sided, providing you with all the information you could wish for to enable game play.

The Game will ship in less than 2 weeks – its all at the press right now!

From £135 SHIPPED globally!

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