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OPERATION WATCHTOWER is the tenth game in the TSWW series. It will cover the South West Pacific theatre, dealing with the Japanese thrust towards New Zealand and Australia, and the first major Allied counter offensive launched by Pacific Command against the critical island of Guadalcanal. I am delighted to announce the games availability for pre-order and you can grab your copy from

Watchtower is the all encompassing operational game covering the campaigns in the Celebes, New Guinea, New Britain and the Solomon Islands chain from 1941 to 1945… The game will marry directly to the Singapore! maps.

Operation Watchtower will include the following components:

16 TSWW standard maps (18″ x 26″ approx) as well as 3 smaller maps providing coverage of the Celebes, New Guinea, Truk, New Britain, The Solomon Islands chain, and New Caledonia. In addition small elements of Australia will be on map on the fringe to the South West of the playing area.

The maps are designed as usual in the bigger TSWW games to split into smaller zones permitting players that do not own aircraft hangars to play the game via its modules.

Map research, which has commenced, will be to the usual high standards associated with the TSWW game system, and will be presented on the superb plasticised map type pioneered by Operation Merkur.

With a minimum of 3360 counters on 12 countersheets, the game will cover in detail the forces deployed to this area by the Australians, British, Dutch, Japanese and, critically, the United States.

As is usual the game will include a variety of what if counters and assets for gamers to explore the potentiality arising from alternate resource allocations or different political approaches to various dilemmas.

The game will follow the Mare Nostrum presentation of Axis, Allied and At Start booklets, providing state of the art research and timelines enabling you play the game with confidence that the units directly relate to those in our other products.

It is currently planed to include:
1. The Grand Campaign
2. The Invasion of the Celebes
3. The Japanese Invasion of New Britain
4. The Japanese Invasion of New Guinea
5. The Japanese thrust to Guadalcanal
6. The Battle of the Coral Sea
7. Operation Watchtower
8. Fortress Rabaul
9. Savo Island
10. The Battle of Santa Cruz
11. The Battle of the Eastern Solomons
12. The Battle of Guadalcanal
13. The Battle of the Bismarck Sea
14. The Allied thrust towards Buin up the “slot”
15. The Allied counter offensive in New Guinea
16. Hollandia

We may also include other game modules as time and concepts permit!

The game will ship with the latest variant of the core rules, but with abridged political and economic rules. Charts whilst system wide again will be abridged to enable players to enjoy this title in its own right, as well as part of the over all series.


  1. Greg Daulton December 31, 2015 6:20 pm  Reply

    John, I plan to enter the TSWW series with the Watchtower game – and if I like it I will move on to Mare Nostrum and Singapore. Do you have an ETA for Watchtower? Also, any plans for further Pacific modules? Thank you. :-)

    • John Bannerman January 16, 2016 7:14 pm  Reply

      Hi Greg
      Thank you for the enquiry. Happy New Year!

      Sorry – you got lost in the hoard of spam we get hit with. Please email me at or via the contact us element so we do not miss you in future!

      As to the games, Watchtower will be mid year at the earliest. The slow element here is really me as I do ALL art and development from research (which is very close to complete, although the USN as ever is a catastrophe to deal with due to the very poor sources extant). Before it will be:
      1. Hakkaa Paalle – our Winter War game. 6 countersheets, 3 maps, usual TSWW rules etc. At the Printer.
      2. Operation Battleaxe – basically the battle of the same name plus add ons for Mare Nostrum. 1 Small map, 2 CS. At the Printer.
      3. Day of Infamy – probably more of interest to you than the previous two, this is the “Central Pacific” 1941-43. It clearly includes Pearl, Midway and will also do the Aleutian Islands. Delayed due to USN research issues, and 2 family bereavements on the research side, we have started art. Release to press is anticipated in 6-8 weeks time assuming we can fix the USN!

      Following these will be Barbarossa (East Front 41-43) and Watchtower – our game dealing with New Britain, Solomons and New Guinea as I think you are aware.

      We are then pondering the precise order of release but Vengeance (1943-5) on the East Front and I Shall Return (Philippines 1941-5) are next up. After that I am really unsure of release schedule – but probably it will be Kamikaze and then Liberation. We will also refit Blitzkrieg dramatically to bring it up to date (the game was released 2010 and we are down to a single boxed game and 2 “ziplocks” left if you want a copy- I would be prepared to do a very good deal to clear stock).

      I hope this helps your decision making process.

      If it helps, feedback on Singapore! is outstanding – with players commenting that it beats all other operational titles on the market easily for content and playability, although in my view the absolute best game we have done is in fact Balkan Fury which is a nice manageable size to learn the system with.

      If we can be of help please let me know!


      John Bannerman
      DE Ltd.

  2. Paul Barr March 1, 2017 1:41 pm  Reply

    I have a question regarding products and Operation Watchtower. I am very interested in the game but what are the differences between the various ‘levels’ of games, like the lieutenant level, etc? Thanks!

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