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MADAGASCAR is the only commercially published standalone game that covers Operation Ironclad, the Allied invasion of Vichy Madagascar in 1942. It is the fourth release in the acclaimed TSWW game series and is available right now from, as well as from our retail partners.

Madagascar is the all encompassing operational game covering the campaign on Madagascar from its inception in May of 1942 to the Vichy surrender in the Autumn of that year.

Madagascar includes the following components in its world class ziplock bag:

3 and 1/2 TSWW standard map segments (standard are 18″ x 26″ approx.) covering Madagascar and the Indian Ocean nearby the jewel of the Indian Ocean.

Like Balkan Fury, this game is to the latest map standards, with new terrain types and weather zones to handle the sub-tropical environment typical of the Island.

280 superb quality counters on one countersheet, covering the Allied, Vichy French, and potential Japanese intervention forces allocated (or planned to be allocated in the case of the Japanese) to the campaign on Madagascar. Additional what if units are included in the mix, as well as additional forces for the Allied player to balance Japanese intervention.

These include the following operations in half month and 5 day scales:
1. The Grand Campaign
2. Operation Ironclad (the initial invasion of Madagascar targeted at Diego Suarez)
3. Operation Stream, Line, Jane (the pursuit and eventual defeat of the Vichy French on the Island, commencing September 1942)
Additionally the game provides for Japanese intervention utilising the forces allocated for such an operation by the Imperial Japanese Head Quarters.

Abbreviated versions of the core rules, and charts derived from Mare Nostrum are included in the game box. If you prefer the “full” variant of the game system the product is designed to work alongside Mare Nostrum and our forthcoming Singapore! release, and as such is compatible with the rules and charts from these releases.

Grab your copy now!

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