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UTAH BEACH is the first game in our Foxhole series. Designed by Glenn Davis, a long standing gamer with an eye for fun and ease of play, the game is based on the battles on and behind Utah Beach during June and early July of 1944.

With a hex scale of 500m, mapping derived from period information (presented in a Euro Game style), 560 TSWW equivalent quality counters (Front and Back printed in full colour, with world class finish and print resolution) the game also contains sufficient mapping to cover the key areas west of Utah beach.

Forces provided include the German and US assets locally available, or dispatched to reinforce the battle zone, as well as those Allied units that landed at Utah Beach.

Quick to play, hard to master, its an ideal game to play when breaking off from that TSWW monster that’s lurking in your basement.

OUT NOW at Utah Beach is shipping right now

We will be putting up imagery of this title shortly – watch this space for more on this exciting game!


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