Hi All


We have commenced our first sale in over a year to move stock out the door in anticipation of major announcements about Barbarossa.

To entertain you all:

1. Foxhole: £55 plus Vat for the duration of the sale

2. Singapore Generals Edition £300 plus VAT during the Sale

3. Hakka Palle Cols Edition £100 plus VAT during the Sale.


On the other hand, as Barbarossa commences some print work this week, several pre-sale modifications have been done:

1. GPW Facebook Bundle deal is now £700 plus VAT.

2. Barbarossa Colonel’s Edition is now £325 plus VAT (the game will be £400 plus VAT minimum on release)

3. Vengeance Colonel’s Edition stays at £300 plus VAT for a little longer…

4. Operation Watchtower (the game AFTER Barbarossa) rises to £300 plus VAT

In all cases these price changes reflect real world print cost inflation driven by Brexit and the collapse in value of Sterling.  To that end we should be putting up ALL prices by between £20 and 55% (product dependent) but so far we are holding as close to existing costs as possible.

We will be putting up Mare Nostrum in a week or twos time to £420 plus VAT to cover major shipping cost increases.

Singapore and Hakkaa Paalle after the sale will also increase – probably to £374, then £335 and then £300 for the Gen/Co/Lts editions of Singapore and a flat rate £10 rise on Hakka Paalle Gen/Col/Lts editions. At the moment Ziplock games and QM editions are not affected as the Post Office has not pushed up prices.

Sorry – but there is nothing we can do about this. If you live in the UK and are unhappy, please feel free to complain to your MPs for lying to you about the reality of Brexit.


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