Blitzkrieg. It’s Coming Back!

Blitzkrieg II

“Don’t Spit at Them. Smash them!”


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Blitzkrieg Version 2.0 is the revised, expanded, and re-released TSWW Game covering the War in the West from 1939 to June of 1943.  Fitting in between Mare Nostrum to the south, Barbarossa to the east, and Balkan Fury to the south east, it takes players from the German invasions of Poland, Scandinavia, France and the Low Countries, racing across the globe to the climactic hunt for the Bismarck.  With typical TSWW depth, you can try and end the war in a few brief and bloody campaigns as the Axis powers, or you can hang on until time, space and every growing power gives the Allies hope for final victory.

Mapping at the strategic level will reach across the North Atlantic to the Caribbean, and will most likely include the South Atlantic as well.  Regular mapping will include Iceland for the first (and only) time in the TSWW series, reaching from the bitter wastes of the North Atlantic to the icy northern reaches of Norway, and from the balmy Mediterranean coast of France to the searing plains of Poland, over a minimum of 20 typically high quality TSWW maps.

Orders of battle spread across 20 or 24 counter sheets will include German, British, French, Vichy French, Italian, Belgian, Swiss, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish Polish, Soviet, US and Eire forces deployed in the European theatre.

In the At Starts, as well as small learning scenarios and major campaign modules, a massive grand campaign will be included, tying the monsters of war together.  Mare Nostrum, Blitzkrieg II and Barbarossa will be given a unified OB unlike any other ever published before in the TSWW series (or elsewhere that we can find at this scale) permitting those who wish to fight a war, not a battle or two, the first real chance to do so at this scale.

Modified rules, upgraded mapping, expanded timelines, multiple battles, campaigns and the beginning of the end… Vast does not begin to describe the experience….

Available now from £300 (plus VAT in the EU) inclusive of shipping on pre-order

Purchase your guaranteed copy today from this website.

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