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I am within touching distance of completing LW AA.  That WILL be done by the end of this week.  Then I will quickly review the AT and Stug/independent Panzer forces.  As soon as that it complete OB creation for the Axis will commence which will signal the commencement of final pre-press work on Barbarossa. Counter art starts immediately this is completed.
As soon as that is done, we will work on the Soviet OB and then counter art.  Once that is done the game will go to the printers. Pre-Sale will close the day that the game is submitted for press.  At this time Barbarossa Colone’s Edition will be £400 plus VAT if in the EU (so £480 in the EU).

After Barbarossa is shipped we will commence final work on Watchtower. This will involve all mapping and the USN being looked at in depth – probably 2 months work at the minimum.  Counter art etc will commence as soon as possible for this very exciting game.

Following Watchtower will be La Guerra.  It may even come out on the same day (this depends on a number of factors – mostly counter sheet volume in Watchtower.  The idea is to alternate released between the ETO and PTO (even if BTW games are not quite TSWW!).  5 maps will be in this box, along with 4-6 countersheets.  Thanks to Lee Johnston for his help in formulating basic OB works here.

As soon as Dennis can get I Shall Return OB data organised, I will then put that title into the production run as contracted, BUT we want to release Vengeance as soon as possible – it will be a race between those two titles….  Watch this space for more information!!!

Again, thank you all for your support….



John Bannerman

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