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The first exciting news is that the maps are done subject to amendment after proof…  That is a major relief – although as I have mentioned before I may do 2 more.  18 maps in the drawer, and 2 that I might do when I have some time… Not at all small.  In the box will definitely be 4 half and 14 standard maps, with a map area around 70 Sq Ft.  They have been carefully examined and appear correct for the time frame.  We will continue to try and catch any obvious errors prior to release but no further mapping is scheduled until I get physical proofs from the printers.  I intend visiting the printers in the next week or so to start this process.

Having spent months getting to this point, you will I am sure be relieved that I am now building the game orders of battle.  This is a critical task, and is, in places, very complex.  With some luck however this will not take too long as I have come up with a methodology (you will for example get 3 main OB files – Axis, Soviet, Western Allied) that should help with this process and will also make it a bit easier to handle!

That at least is the plan.  I will, once I am organised, put up some OB shots here for your delectation….

More information to come just as soon as I have it.



John Bannerman

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